Country Roads Baptist Church

News and Events:

Calendar of Events in March 2024:

Special Event: Friday, March 15, 7-9pm

** Please arrive by 6:45

Voice of the Martyrs update: "I am N"

A web stream replay- a status update on Islamic persecution of Christians in Iraq.

​1. ISIS marking of Christian homes "N" as in Nazarene

2. Three other testimonies of persecuted Christians in Islamic countries.

3. Worship led by Steven Curtis Chapman. 

4. Joint prayer time for our brothers/sisters in Christ.

Sundays: At this months service we will be studying from the book of  Colossians. 

Sunday school lessons will be on: The Americas Godly Heritage from the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution. 

This months sermons are on the book of Colossians.

3/3: Sunday School at 9am and Worship Service at 10am with Communion.  

Potluck after 10am church service.

3/10: Sunday School at 9am and Worship Service at 10am.

3/17: Sunday School at 9am and Worship Service at 10am.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

3/24:  Sunday School at 9am and Worship Service at 10am.

3/31: Easter  Sunday, Sunday School at 9am and Worship at 10am

Bible study and prayer on Tuesdays at 6:30pm

This months bible study will be focusing on what happened in the 400 silent years between the writing of the Old and New Testament. 

Tuesdays: 6:30pm

3/5400 years of silence

3/12: 400 years of silence

3/19: 400 years of silence

3/26: 400 years of silence