Country Roads Baptist Church

Prayer Chain

  1. Phone calls move down the list - wherever the request begins.
  2. Pray before and after you pass along the request. If there is no answer, call the next person. You may leave a message, but keep calling until you reach someone in person.
  3. If you start the prayer chain, keep the request brief, concise and clear.
  4. Pass along the request as you received it. Try not to ask questions or draw conclusions from what you have heard.
  5. The prayer Chain does not automatically notify the Pastors of needs. If you feel the Pastor or Vice Chairman should know, phone him after you've started the prayer chain.
  6. See Sonja to join the Prayer Chain, be excused from it, correct a phone number or for any related issue.
  7. Treat prayer requests as strictly confidential; repeat them only to God.
  8. Except for emergencies, call only between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.
  9. Rarely, one of the Pastors may authorize the Prayer Chain to pass along urgent news or information. However, the purpose of the Prayer Chain is intercessory in nature, with few exceptions.

Submit a prayer request or add yourself to the Prayer Chain list.